01.Agronomic Solutions

PCT Agronomic solutions puts power in your agronomist hands like never before.

02.Landforming Solutions

PCT Landforming solutions are techniques to minimise earth-moving costs and minimise ....

03.Irrigation Solutions

PCT Irrigation solutions are techniques to minimise water use and maximise yield.


Precision Cropping Technologies (PCT) welcomes you to the spatial information age.

PCT understands there are many facets of precision agriculture and at times a little confusing. Questions which confront growers are, where do I start, what information do I need are just a couple.

It's possible that precision agriculture isn't for everyone so don't feel as though you have to be in there 'doing it'.

It's likely that precision agriculture is for everyone though and it's important for the individual to gauge their own requirements, set their own goals and build their own case studies.

PCT and our distribution network is here to help the grower, his staff and agronomic support gain the important knowledge, experience and confidence to implement and incorporate today's technologies.

So take a look at our integrated solutions, our unique, professional and expert approach and begin the journey to successful implementation of spatial technologies.

We thank the few who helped us begin, we thank the thousands since and we welcome you, our future clients to the information age where you will be guided and supported by the best in the business.

Andrew Smart

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