Why choose us?

We are committed to:

  • developing high quality solutions.
  • delivering high quality services.
  • building and supplying high quality software.
  • providing high quality training.
  • providing high quality support.

We are also focused on:

customising solutions to our clients localised requirements, taking the time to understand our client's needs, listening and working with our clients to improve our solutions and software providing a level of professionalism and expertise second to none.

your business – benefits Growers will:

  • optimise yield,
  • optimise quality,
  • optimise water use, inputs and operations,
  • increase your profitability and property value,

Advisors will:

make lower risk decisions, utilise time more efficiently, increase your knowledge and worth.

About Us

Precision Cropping Technologies (PCT) is pleased to offer growers locally and around the world a unique opportunity to achieve value from their spatial data. At PCT it’s all about the solutions. Solutions for growers and agronomists to make genuine and valuable decision better and better each time.

PCT has been in business for over ten years supplying customized services and solutions to agriculture. Having world renowned expertise and a dedicated team PCT can genuinely offer solutions.

PCT has formulated networks of people and businesses which empower growers to achieve results. While many supply picture a client of PCT is supplies true and genuine value. Put us to the test and send us some of your valuable data by clicking here. You will soon see the difference between ‘picture ag’ and ‘precision ag’, the PCT way.

PCT is completely independent and is ready to develop customised solutions for the leading crop advisors and growers globally via our unique and well educated distributors.