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  • developing high quality solutions.
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customising solutions to our clients localised requirements, taking the time to understand our client's needs, listening and working with our clients to improve our solutions and software providing a level of professionalism and expertise second to none.

your business – benefits Growers will:

  • optimise yield,
  • optimise quality,
  • optimise water use, inputs and operations,
  • increase your profitability and property value,

Advisors will:

make lower risk decisions, utilise time more efficiently, increase your knowledge and worth.


Specterra Services

SpecTerra is a Western Australian based company offering a niche airborne remote sensing service. The company was incorporated in July 2000, following 10 years of research and development led by Dr Frank Honey.
The company’s primary focus is providing high quality, high resolution, digital, multi-spectral imagery for vegetation mapping and monitoring projects. SpecTerra Imagery is a low cost, high value decision making tool utilised by agricultural, mining, forestry and other land use management industries.
SpecTerra currently operates its proprietary sensors around Australia and in New Zealand, Chile, Spain and France. All data processing and analysis is undertaken at the company’s Image Processing Centre based in Perth.