Why choose us?

We are committed to:

  • developing high quality solutions.
  • delivering high quality services.
  • building and supplying high quality software.
  • providing high quality training.
  • providing high quality support.

We are also focused on:

customising solutions to our clients localised requirements, taking the time to understand our client's needs, listening and working with our clients to improve our solutions and software providing a level of professionalism and expertise second to none.

your business – benefits Growers will:

  • optimise yield,
  • optimise quality,
  • optimise water use, inputs and operations,
  • increase your profitability and property value,

Advisors will:

make lower risk decisions, utilise time more efficiently, increase your knowledge and worth.

Our Values and Goals

Very simply we value our clients and our goal is to provide valuable tailored precision agriculture solutions, products and advice that will improve productivity.

Genuine value

Our number one goal is to deliver real value to every client. That is why PCT continues to be trusted by farmers and agronomists around the world, for more than a decade. Our network of partners and advisor’s are dedicated to meeting your needs and tailoring solutions to maximise the financial return of your farming operation.

Quality products

PCT offer one of the most comprehensive data management and analysis solutions in the world.  In fact, if you can find a better precision agriculture software product anywhere else we would love to hear about it!

PCT is not just another provider of record keeping software that displays coloured maps of your farm. Instead, we offer real Precision Agriculture tools and services to enable growers to make informed, financially sound, spatially based decisions.

Honest advice

Sometimes the sizzle takes precedence over the sausage. Most growers are sold the ‘sizzle’ and often left alone with out the support to find the sausage. PCT only recommend precision agriculture advice and solutions that will truly benefit your operation. If we think our PA solutions cannot help you make better decisions and improve your bottom-line we will be the first to let you know.

All our services are focused on positive spatial outcomes that are specifically designed for your needs and local requirements. We design solutions that compliments your level of Precision Agriculture comfort – be it beginner or advanced – PCT has you covered.