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Landforming News December 2013 Issue 1

          TerraCutta Enhancements are now available…. Read more Grade Design – the latest landforming package by PCT. Read more

TerraCutta on Toughpad

Under testing right now is the Panasonic Toughpad running Windows 8. With a designated serial port, 128 or 256 gig HDD and plenty of ram this could be the perfect in cab computer for TerraCutta. Stay tuned and we will let you know what we think. More info email sean@pct-ag.com.

PCT Cloud Services Coming Soon

PCT Cloud Services will begin to roll off the production line in the coming months. PCT will again revolutionize precision agriculture making it even easier to turn data into solutions. Its not here yet but its not far away so stay tuned.

Cotton Yield Data Problems

Urgent news for cotton farmers collecting yield data. Does your data look stripy. its most likely because of the changes in moisture while picking. Top left is the raw data and top right shows the time it was collected. From about midday to 3pm the yield is quite stable but before and after that yields Continue Reading

Sean McColley joins the PCT Team

PCT welcome to the team Sean McColley. Sean has a wealth of experience with John Deere AMS equipment and will be responsible for sales and support of the TerraCutta product in Australia and New Zealand. TerraCutta is PCT’s stand alone Land levelling system which works exclusively with John Deere iGrade and is available through all Continue Reading