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          • Data Management
            • Professional processing
            • High quality control
          • Integrated products
            • Agronomic Solutions
            • Water Management Solutions
              • Landforming Solutions
              • Irrigation solutions
          • Solution based software
            • Online delivery
            • Powerful desktop software

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As a Precision Ag Specialist would you like to offer your customers more precision agriculture solutions than your competitors?

Would you like to offer your customers solutions that provide a real return on their investment?

Would you like to enhance your current precision product range?

Would you like to be at the forefront of precision agriculture not lagging behind?

Would you like to work with a team dedicated to making sure solutions have a customer focus, a team with 15 years experience in implementing precision agriculture, producing results and ensuring key staff understand the industry.

Would you like to work with a team that not only builds its own software, but controls the code and can react and implement change almost immediately upon request?

Well these questions and more are easily answered. Learn more about what PCT can offer your business and your customers.

Oh and by the way – we don’t ask for upfront payments. We are here to do the hard yards and build the business with you and ensure the grower wins, your business wins and PCT wins.

You can requests a introductory document by clicking here.

PCT offers distribution licenses as well as dealer licenses.

Do you have a large client base that are a level above the grower. Do you have a growth business plan and do require the expertise that PCT can offer, then you may be considered for a distribution license. Find out how.

Are you supplying to growers and just want to access the PCT solutions , you can be a PCT Dealer or be attached to one of our existing distributors. Find out how.




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Basic Solutions

Data delivery, viewing and reporting …

Agronomic Solutions

Data Analysis and interpretation…

Variable Rate …

Strip trial design and analysis …

Strategic spatial management planning …

Landforming Solutions

Service based products …

In cab DIY products – Deere Dealer Product…

Irrigation Solutions

Probe Placement …

Variable rate irrigation design …

Variable rate irrigation implementation …




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