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PCT South

PCT South operates throughout Southern NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia with the support of a network of Dealers and advisors located throughout southern region.
These local representations allow the incorporation of local agronomic knowledge essential for designing outcomes which are tailored for each farming system and specific agronomic requirements.

Our service network has experience in generating real value from use of spatial information in the grains, viticulture and horticulture industries.

Our aim is to provide long term profitable management of the variability in the agricultural enterprise by using a proven strategy of combining traditional agronomic knowledge with new technologies. So, we are here to help organise and make sense of your unique information and assist you to take the first steps, however small, in realising the benefits in can bring to your management decisions.

Dealers are an important part of the PCT network and we are glad to welcome the range of PCT South Dealer services including:

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Ag Logic

Reuben Wells


0448 947 286


Felicity Turner


0400 299 087




Precision Ag Services

Peter Treloar


0427 427 238





Cummins Ag Services

Richard May


0457 715 622



Pringles Ag Plus Crouch Rural

26 Brandis Street


08 8636 2257


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Wickham Flower

3 Cleggett Road


0428 841711


PCT South Dealers offer a range of services including:

  • Multi depth EM surveys and processing
  • Elevation surveys and processing
  • Remote sensing survey and processing
  • Yield data editing and processing

PCT South Dealer Solutions include:

  • Moisture probe locating
  • Variable rate soil amelioration
  • Variable rate fertilisers and growth regulators
  • Soil sampling and leaf test strategies
  • Landforming design
  • Variable rate irrigation
  • Complete range of analysis products

If you have any questions please contact PCT or any of the PCT South Dealers listed above.