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Precision Agronomics

Precision Agronomics Australia (PAA) is a professional consultancy business, specialising in precision farming practices. Through a network of agronomy consultants and precision farming specialists, we service the whole of Western Australia, with a primary focus on the broadacre agricultural sector. We have been at the forefront of providing Electromagnetic (EM) and Gamma-radiometric (GR) data collection, processing and ground-truthing services to WA’s leading broadacre farmers since 2006.

Our EM instruments measure change in soil salinity, texture and moisture content at depths of up to 3m, whilst the GR measures changes in the soil’s radioactive emissions within the top 40cm, providing an indication of the soil’s parent material. Once processed, this information can be used to identify and manage soil variability within a paddock or farm.

Research has shown that EM and Gamma-radiometric surveys can help growers:

  • Reward areas of high yield potential with more inputs.
  • Limit resources on areas with lower yield potential.
  • With targeted soil amelioration (such as lime and gypsum) for areas that need them most.
  • Save on overall fertiliser and soil conditioner costs and increase gross margins.

Information gained from the soil mapping process can be used to identify variability of soils within a paddock or farm, giving farmers and consultants a better understanding of the chemical and physical characteristics of the soil and enabling them to get the best ‘bang for buck’ from their inputs through variable rate applications.

PAA also performs onsite equipment services including Variable Rate Conversions to Air Seeders, Spreaders and Sprayers. Conversions are not limited to any particular brand of equipment, its controller software or the delivery system. All attempts are made to utilize grower’s existing GPS and control system equipment. Favourable results are achieved through familiarity of operation and simple, reliable installations. When required, interface modules and adaptation systems are designed and built in-house, providing custom solutions to suit individual requirements.

Clients have direct access to our technicians, meaning they get the right advice at the right time. We offer remote access solutions, allowing us to access your screen and/or computer to assist with machine diagnosis and software training.