Yield Multi Season Correlation

Adding or stacking multiple years of yield data can be a very good way to establish zones. PCT Yield Normalizer allows the user to check the correlation between the year first.

Yield Normalizer ~ in the example below 5 years of yield data for a field have been selected. Observing the first line there are strong correlation between 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2008. The red line shows a very strong positive  r square result. Looking now at Barley Yield 2009 there is a correlation but the trend is actually a negative trend. Looking at the images the Barley Yield 2009 has similar patterns as the 06 and 03 data but opposite in terms of yield response and spatial location.

This means 4 of the 5 years could be added together to build zones.


Once the relationships have been assess the combined map can be saved as an ‘average’ or a ‘sum’. This can be used now in other analysis and agronomic modules.