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Goldman Equipment are the exclusive distributor pf PCT Solutions to farmers in the southern delta region of the US include the state of Louisiana. As a distributor, Goldman Equipment will be
handling the sales, delivery, training and support of PCT superior precision agriculture solutions

Why Precision Agriculture?

Precision Agriculture is a farm management practice that recognizes and responds to variability within each field.
It relies on the use of spatial data whereby various in-­‐field characteristics are recorded along with their GPS location. This “geo-­‐located” data
allows a variety of agronomic of information to be overlaid and compared to determine “cause and effect” of field variability on crop yield. The right combination of information
and technology for decision making to manage variability can result in significant yield increases.
However, the purpose is not to achieve the same yield throughout the field, but rather to manage the distribution of inputs (especially water) to achieve the optimal cost/benefit outcome for
each zone within the field.

Why PCT?

PCT is one of the few companies in the industry who have developed PA tools capable of overlaying and analysing multiple data layers to determine various
“what if PA management scenarios” and generate a financial model of what the economic payback looks like for each option. This ability to analyse individual
field zones and manage their variability based on specific characteristics and their economic return provides a powerful yet flexible PA solution that can be
optimised year-on-year. The result is more informed management decisions and effective use of inputs such as fertilizers, soil ameliorants, pesticides, tillage,land levelling and water management which in turn leads to improved risk management, higher yields and greater profitability.

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