Irrigated Drainage Analysis

Under irrigation there is no doubt to the value of Landforming to drain water. There are many cases of dryland farming which also need to consider the revenue loss due to poor drainage.

First an irrigated example of analysis to quantify regrading a field.

The elevation derivative, Error from Plane (similar to a cut and fill map), is overlaid with cotton yield. The loss in each EFP zone is calculated against the best managed/yielding zone. In theory if the non-perfect areas didn’t exist there wouldn’t be any yield loss. In this case over $600.00/ha is being lost from imperfect leveling.

By then calculating the cost to renovate using PCT Grade Design a simple payback period can be put forward to management.

With a total volume of under 6000 cubic meters under 100cubic meters/ha the pay back period will be less than one season.

With some fields such as this one soil type variability should also be taken into consideration.