“The incorporation of the latest agricultural precision technologies is fundamental to the highest productivity and efficiency targets being reached at the farm level. PCT have the understanding, expertise and track record of ensuring the practical application of precision technologies are implemented at the farm level for maximum benefit provided through increased productivity, targeted cost reduction and maximized efficiencies.
It is my opinion that this is delivered no better by any other group than by PCT from a practical farming aspect.”

Andrew Parkes Managing Director, Customised Farm Management

"We regularly use PCT for all our precision ag requirements including the collection & analysis of EM soil surveys, elevation data, yield data, location of C probe sites, crop images, generation of variable rate maps for fertilizer, insecticide & defoliants. We find PCT very approachable, extremely knowledgeable and the service is excellent. We would happily recommend their service to anyone interested in using precision ag."

Hugh Mackey, Eastern Australia Agriculture


Why does PCT build software?

After years of working with clients at the ground level software just had to be simpler. The software needed to be solution driven not a set of tools. PCT had something to offer and building Gateway was the best way to deliver.
PCT has in house software engineers as well as using contractors to build all our own code base.

What type of software does PCT build?

PCT delivers precision agriculture value better than anyone else in the world, and have the best and easiest software tools for our distributors, dealers and their customers.

PCT Gateway is a desktop solution. There are a number of apps which allow the use to:


  • Data transfer and storage – data sychronisation between players is made simple.
  • Data viewing and printing – observe important statistics and information.
  • Data analysis – complete spatial financial analysis between yield and base layers. What, where and why, get answer not more questions.
  • Agronomic Solutions – base expectations for variable rate, sampling strategies and crop sensor placement.
  • Landforming Solutions – advanced Landforming techniques to minimise and maximise. Minimise dirt movement, maximise returns.
  • Irrigation Solutions – advanced variable rate irrigation plans for sprinkler irrigation.

Is Gateway web based?

Well its actually on the way – PCT agCloud is being developed currently. PCT are aiming to have all our agronomic and vri tools as online service by mid 2015. Want to take a look – click here and just use your Gateway login credentials.

Can I process my own data?

PCT up until now has been responsible for all data that goes into the Gateway system. However, by the time the October 2014 comes around some dealers will be able to transfer data from other systems into the Gateway and agCloud data base.
The data will need to be exported as a csv or shape file from your current software and surfaced (processed) into the PCT format. Its quick and simple but its not free. Once the data is in Gateway though the tools are free to use.

What is PCT’s software direction?

PCT are currently moving all our solutions to web based – with a twist. The PCT solutions can be embedded into other providers websites as a single tool or the whole agCloud suite. An example could be a pivot irrigation company just wants to give their customers access to the PCT design tool via their website with their brand, but don’t need any other tools. Or a UAV company can now import their data as a geotiff into agCloud and make a variable rate map, but all from their website.
PCT are leaders in landforming software and offer a complete desktop package to irrigation designers, earth moving contractors or OEM supplier of land leveling equipment. This software will soon be able to offer customer in the Mid West very unique and advanced tiling options.

Currently under development for release later in 2014 is PCT Data Editor. Previously only used in the back-end processing center, PCT Data Editor will be available to anyone. With very advance editing tools to manage sensor drift in EM sensors and cotton yield monitors – to correcting distribution of crop through the combine, customers of this new product will be astounded at how much they will improve the quality of their data. You will be able to pull your data from systems like My John Deere, edit and clean and put it back. Want more information on this product just email us.

I want to have a go – who do I talk to?

PCT distributors are ideally placed for potential clients to contact. Under distributors see if there is one nearby and give them a call. If not head to the PCT Contact Us and we will either conatct you directly or point you in the right direction.