“The incorporation of the latest agricultural precision technologies is fundamental to the highest productivity and efficiency targets being reached at the farm level. PCT have the understanding, expertise and track record of ensuring the practical application of precision technologies are implemented at the farm level for maximum benefit provided through increased productivity, targeted cost reduction and maximized efficiencies.
It is my opinion that this is delivered no better by any other group than by PCT from a practical farming aspect.”

Andrew Parkes Managing Director, Customised Farm Management

"We regularly use PCT for all our precision ag requirements including the collection & analysis of EM soil surveys, elevation data, yield data, location of C probe sites, crop images, generation of variable rate maps for fertilizer, insecticide & defoliants. We find PCT very approachable, extremely knowledgeable and the service is excellent. We would happily recommend their service to anyone interested in using precision ag."

Hugh Mackey, Eastern Australia Agriculture

Spatial Analytical Solutions

PCT Analysis solutions allow the development of knowledge that builds better solutions from spatial data. Spatial Agronomy and Spatial Management both rely on quality data but also the correct processing, and most advanced tools to enable real information to be generated. Information that gives the real economics or spatial agriculture.

Featured solutions – currently being updated

Incorporate trials into the variable rate and measure the real economic value.

Understand yield variability and what the key drivers are and build more reliable zones

Use spatial data to determine if you are optimizing water use and maximizing yield

Understand yield loss and cost benefit of land leveling

Don’t just add yield maps together – first see if they correlate to each other.

  • Soil Chemistry and Layer correlations

Do you actually know if soil chemistry is effecting yield. 


If you want to be in the Spatial Agriculture business you need these tools to build advanced knowledge and advanced solutions otherwise its ‘picture agriculture’.

Talk to professionals at PCT and let us train your team to deliver the most superior spatial system available.