Precision Cropping Technologies (PCT) welcomes you to the spatial information age.

Lets re-define the term ‘precision agriculture’. In fact spatial agronomy and spatial management are what PCT solutions are design for. So the term Spatial Agriculture is a more fitting description. One day these techniques will be so common we will be able to just call it Agronomy, Management and Agriculture again.

Spatial Agronomy because mostly what we are providing our customers is more advanced tools and solutions for agronomist to make better decisions because they can build more knowledge. It’s still agronomy but now is spatial.

Spatial Management because now farm owners and managers can measure, think and manage spatially and when combined with their agronomist spatial input the result will come more easily.

Spatial data can be the backbone of sustainable agriculture and it’s not that long ago that some though the tractor wouldn’t replace the horse.

History will show that spatial agriculture, driven by spatial agronomic and management thinking will have the same impact, it will do this through enabling the ability to learn and build spatial knowledge and will be the silver bullet once promised.

So take a look at our integrated solutions, our unique, professional and expert approach and begin the journey to successful implementation of spatial technologies.

We thank the few who helped us begin, we thank the thousands since and we welcome you, our future clients to the information age where you will be guided and supported by the best in the business.